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Photographic Images
All images within this website: Copyright maintained by respective copyright owner. All Rights Reserved. Photographic images on this website may not be copied, reproduced, or comped without the prior written consent of the photographer.

Why Link To BosPho?
With 1 quick submission to BosPho, your web site link is instantly found on over 45 search engines and photography directories. ( See "faq's" for more information. )

A directory of Boston & Suburbs Commercial Photography Web Sites.
To qualify for a FREE listing:

1- The web site must be related to Boston commercial photography!
We welcome submissions from bona-fide professionals within the Boston commercial photography community: ( Photographer: advertising, annual report, architecture, fashion, food, product... Assistant, Lab, Model Agency, Photo Equipment, Stylist, etc...)

2- The business must be located within Boston & Suburbs.
( area code: 617, 508, 781, 978 )

3- Click: "Submit Your Web Site" at bottom of page to submit a web site.

4- Place a reciprocal link to BosPho on your web site and be listed as a BosPho Partner.
See "BosPho Link" for reciprocal link codes.
See "BosPho Partner" for more details.

Happy New Year & Welcome to BosPho!

"What is BosPho?"...
We are simply: "A commercial photography web site directory dedicated to the Boston photographic community". The concept behind BosPho arose from a difficult search for "Boston Commercial Photographers". Having realized that a comprehensive list did not exist... we developed this site.

"Our Mission?"...
Well, if you want to get formal, than "our mission" is to create an easy to browse list of links to our community for free. Yes, no gimmicks. BosPho actually provides free links. Although, a reciprocal link on your web site is always appreciated!

Due to the comments & suggestions of our members, we have found a new host with less advertising-"www." is no longer neccessary. In addition to the new format suggestions, you'll also find that "hit counters" have been added to each link.

Have an idea for BosPho?
Your comments & suggestions are always welcome!

Thank You!

Photographer - Crew - Resources

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