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frequently asked questions

Self Explanitory:

-BosPho does not represent or negotiate fees for those listed.
-Contact those listed for specific questions & comments about their photography.

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BosPho is building "Link Popularity". Ever wonder why the most popular sites on the web have placed so many links on their pages? It boosts their ranking in search engines! The more sites that drive traffic to BosPho results in more traffic to your web site. Read below for specific details:

What Is Link Popularity ?

"Link popularity is a factor that many search engines use when ranking web pages within their indexes. Simply put, most search engines give a ranking boost to sites that have incoming links from related sites. This method of establishing importance, pioneered by the increasingly popular Google, is now used in some form by 19 of the top 20 search engines. While it is still possible to achieve high rankings for non-competitive terms without a great deal of link popularity, it is unlikely your site will rank well for very popular terms without it." Excerpt from: SiteProNews.

How Do I Link To BosPho ?

Simply, copy and paste the "Banner" or "Button" code to the "Links" page in your web site.
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BosPho Automatically Links Your Web Site ?

Most search engines are no longer free and directories often take weeks or even months before your link is actually posted. With 1 quick submission, your BosPho web site link is instantly found on all of the following:

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How Do I Submit A Web Site ?

BosPho is a directory dedicated to Boston & Suburbs commercial photography web sites. Wedding & portrait photographers are excluded.
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Problems Using Site Submission Form ?

Try these solutions:
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-If verify info fields do not refresh, uncheck & check box again.
-If all else fails: click "clear form" , then click the "refresh" button in your browser window and repeat Steps 1 & 2 in submission form.

Still Not Submitting? Send us an email including your: browser & computer information.

How Do I Update My Listing Information ?

Choose a "Category". Under "Listing": choose "Update Info". Enter your information into all of the fields. Check verify info box before submitting.
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I'm A Photo Assitant Without A Web Site ?

BosPho has researched Free web site hosting for you. You will find many suggestions listed on our links page.
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Why The Banner & Pop-Up Advertisements ? is a web site hosted for Free by "", which is supported by advertising.

Is BosPho Profiting From The Banner & Ads ?

No! BosPho does not receive any money from the banner or advertisements. BosPho only benefits by being hosted for free.

Why Is "www." Not Neccessary ? is a sub-domain of "".

Why Copyright?

All images within this website are Copyrighted material. All Rights Reserved. This means: Photographic images on this website may not be copied, reproduced, or comped without the prior written consent of the photographer, by order of U.S. & International Copyright Laws. Contact the respective photographer for further information. Or visit U.S. Copyright Law Office for specific information on Copyright Infringement.

Questions, Comments & Suggestions Are Welcome!

Thank You!

Photographer - Crew - Resources

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